Police report: State Rep. candidate Lyda Ness-Garcia received 'apparent minor injury' in alleged assault

EL PASO, Texas - The ABC-7 I Team has obtained the preliminary incident report for the assault causing bodily injury incident involving State Rep. District 77 candidate Lyda Ness-Garcia.

Ness-Garcia says she was assaulted at her home during the day on Feb. 24, and in a statement that same day said, "two unknown assailants physically attacked me at my home and threatened my family. I thank god that my family and I are safe, and I am deeply appreciative of the swift and thorough response of the El Paso PD and the Texas Rangers."

Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Sgt. Elizabeth Barney told ABC-7 that DPS' Rangers are not investigating the case.

The El Paso Police officer who took the incident report wrote in the report that the attack resulted in "apparent minor injury."

The report states the officer met with Ness-Garcia, who said she desired prosecution and that she suffered minor injuries and pain.

"The attackers made clear that their motives were political, but because this is an active law enforcement matter, I will not go in to further details as to the nature of the attack. I ask that anyone with any knowledge on this matter please contact the El Paso Police Department or the Texas Rangers. My family and I thank you for your prayers and your support," Ness-Garcia said in her Feb. 24 statement.

Ness-Garcia is running against incumbent Marisa Marquez in the March 4 Democratic primary.

A spokesman for Ness-Garcia said they would not release more details about the incident on Feb. 24 other than what was released.

ABC-7 asked what led them to believe it was a politically-motivated attack, a serious accusation given that there is only one opponent. ABC-7 also asked whether the attackers had said something, taken something or left something behind -- but the spokesman said no more information would be released on Feb. 24.

Marquez released a statement on Feb. 24, saying "I'm sorry this happened to her and her family.  This has no place in politics and I hope the investigation unfolds quickly. I'm sure I echo the sentiments of all candidates when I say that we stand ready to assist in any way possible."

Read the preliminary incident report by clicking on it under related content to the left of this article.

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