Police officers upset over possible loss of pay raise

Anthony, TX city council cites lack of funding in projected budget

EL PASO, Texas - Police officers in Anthony, Texas are fuming over a proposal to take back a promised pay raise.

The police chief confirms with ABC-7 -- some have even threatened to quit!

Tuesday night -- Anthony's city council met to discuss the budget for next year.

It won't be adopted for another six months.

The city is expecting a shortfall -- Mayor Lee Vela said one of the ways to soften the blow would be to postpone pay raises indefinitely.

Currently, the salary for a police officer is $13 an hour. The raise would have brought those salaries up to $15.50 an hour.

The last time they saw a pay increase was in 2007.

Residents did not want to talk on camera, but told city council representatives they were concerned for the safety of the town.

Council didn't take any action Tuesday.

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