People wonder if Southwest University Park will be completed

Construction continues at Southwest University Park

EL PASO, Texas - Easter Sunday didn't stop construction crews from rushing to finish up Southwest University Park.

Plenty of people in downtown El Paso were snapping photos and dreaming of what's to come.

Both future fans who plan to catch a game and those who aren't are wondering ... will the ballpark be ready in time for the first El Paso game on April 28?

Most of the fan features look complete. It's the two buildings on Santa Fe with scaffolding and incomplete windows that look like they need the most work.

Officials promise work will be in time for the first pitch. So, whether or not the Triple-A baseball stadium looks ready, fans will be hearing, "play ball" soon.

The $72 million dollar park will be able to hold about 9,000 fans. Whether all the bells and whistles are complete, doesn't seem to matter. The home opener is expected to be a home run for fans.

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