Part of I-10 closed in Lordsburg, NM area

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) with law enforcement have lifted the closure for westbound traffic. The eastbound lanes remain closed until the area is clear and deemed safe for the public. High winds are still in effect with low visibility reported due to strong wind gust.
The westbound traffic may experience intermittent delays as low visibility is occurring in various areas throughout the I-10 corridor in the Lordsburg area.
Below are recommended driving tips.
·         Slow down, be patient and drive safely. Plan for extra travel time.
·         Drivers of high-profile vehicles should be aware of weather conditions and travel at a safe reduced speed limit.
·         Maintain at least a three-quarter full tank of gas.
·         Notify someone of your travel route, destination and projected arrival time.
·         Carry an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle.
·         Brake slowly to avoid any panic braking or jerking the steering wheel.
·         Increase the distance between you and the traffic ahead.
·         When pulling off the road, make sure you exit on to the shoulder far enough to where your vehicle is not on the road.
·         Carry plenty of food and water and all necessary medications.
·         Avoid driving through dust storms.
·         Motorists are advised to safely move over in order to allow emergency response vehicles to pass.
Roadway notifications will be posted on the department's web site, and can be retrieved by calling 511 in New Mexico or 1-800-432-4269 out of state

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