EL PASO, Texas -

The condition of the lake at Ascarate Park is in poor condition according to multiple ABC-7 viewers.

ABC-7 viewers contacted the ABC-7 newsroom with complaints about the condition of the lake at Ascarate Park, and said it is extremely degraded. Park goers said they have never seen the water this low and is only at a trickle.

"I think the park needs a lot of work," a park goer said. "I am in the irrigation industry and for El Paso and the growth that we are becoming, I think this park should be in a lot better shape."

The water is quickly evaporating in the heat and people have said they are concerned about the wildlife in the park as well as the parks natural beauty. The park is also in the county's jurisdiction, and ABC-7 reached out to several commissioners to learn more about the situation, but have yet to hear back.