Parents, students angered after Bowie holds special meeting

EL PASO, Texas - Unanswered questions.

That is what parents and students say they were left with.

This after the principal at Bowie High School held a special meeting to discuss the resignations of basketball coach Danny Celaya and assistant coach Jesus Lopez.

More than 40 parents and students attended that special meeting today.

Some told ABC-7 it was a waste of their time and district leaders cut the meeting short.

"He's been loyal to all of us, he's treated us like we all his kids we all love him," said Roman De Leon.

De Leon is a basketball player at Bowie High School.

Word of his coach Danny Celaya's resignation upset him and his team mates.

"We're his team and we're his kids," said team member Gilbert Gomez.

Celaya's resignation came after allegation's of hazing from a player on the basketball team.

Abc-7 Sports Director Asher Wildmand spoke to Celaya earlier this week.

Celaya told him a parents allegation he hazed a player were untrue.

The special meeting held Saturday came after dozens of parents and students posed the question: was Celaya forced to resign?

But they say the meeting just led to more questions.

"They say that they cant provide answers, we wanted to get this meeting to get answers all their giving us is that they can't they can't," said Gomez.

"They couldn't say anything, they couldn't say anything, they just kept telling us they couldn't say anything," said parent Cecilia De Leon.

De leon said this is not something they are going to let go.

"We're going to push this, we are going to fight to bring our coach back," said De Leon.

Meanwhile members of the basketball team have plans of their own.

"We as a team will decide to just not play, I mean we wouldn't want to play for any other coach," said Roman.

Parents tell ABC-7 the meeting was cut short because they were not following the rules.

The district only gave ABC-7 one statement Saturday evening:

Coach Celaya resigned from EPISD for personal reasons.

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