EL PASO, Texas -

With the Army West Point football team making their first appearance in El Paso against UTEP many flocked to the game to support the armed forces and the Miners.

The game had memorable football highlights and there was a lot of patriotism shown at the stadium as well.

Many enjoyed the early 5 p.m. kick-off.

"It gave everyone a chance to tailgate the kids could come out it was early enough for the young kids so it was really great," said Army fan Patty Childmen.

Others gazed up to the skies to witness the Army's Golden Knights parachute team deliver the game ball followed by the thunder of Apache helicopters.

With Army never having played in El Paso against the Miners --Army veterans such as Marcos Castaneda say they have waited far too long to see their team play at the Sun Bowl.

"For the first time (we are) making history," Castaneda said.

Others say they hope match-up will happen again.

"It's about time we played the Army here with Fort Bliss and everything. I hope this is an annual deal," said Greg Waters.