EL PASO, Texas -

Mother Sandra Green spoke before the El Paso Independent School board Tuesday afternoon, asking they punish a Chapin High teacher for what she call inappropriate behavior. 

This comes after Green filed a level 1,2 and 3 level grievances with the district.

An El Paso ISD parent was shocked by what she says a Chapin High teacher drew on her son's class assignment.

"I'm an educator myself so I said, there's no way the teacher really did this," said parent Sandra Green.

According to Green and the EPISD -- it happened. Chapin High Language Arts teacher Kim Juzdowski drew a penis across the student's assignment because he wasn't doing anything in class -- if you get the metaphor.

Green said she discovered the picture on her son's social media. Shocked, she asked him about it.

"I didn't want to believe it," Green said.

But Green said it turned out to be true. She said she emailed Juzdowski, who Greens said, admitted to drawing it.

"She admitted to embarrassing the children rather than punishing them," Green said.

ABC-7 reached out to Juzdowski, a veteran teacher to get her side of the story. She declined to comment through her attorney.

Green said Juzdowski apologized through email, writing, " I'm sorry (blank) took offense and I totally understand if you would like to meet with an administrator and have him moved."

"If it was a man teacher doing it to a female student, they would have taken this totally serious," Green said. "But because it's the other way around I think they're letting the light side go on it. And I just want him out of the environment."

Green said the board will follow due process in dealing with Juzdowski. She told ABC-7 she is happy with the results. 

This story has you talking on our Facebook page, here is what some of you had to say:

Estela Chacon: I'm glad to see EPISD backing up their teachers instead of firing them for every little thing.

Jewell Black: As a former student of Ms. J - she is a great teacher. Yes, this is a mistake, but everyone makes mistakes and she should not be removed. She is an excellent educator and her students love her, honestly for reasons like this. She knows how to communicate with students in ways they understand. She's not some old fuddy duddy English teacher - she's a hip, fearless educator.

Ruby Garcia-Remijio: This is what happens when teachers feel students are their friends...Big NO NO! Stay professional they're supposed to be the adult in the room.

Nancy Carpenter Tyler: I have no idea what would make any teacher think this was ok. It is never ok to embarrass a student. Students are not even allowed to draw anything sexual, drug, or gang related. Perhaps with the apology should be required training for the teacher. We all make mistakes, but this is one no teacher should make.

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