Only on ABC-7: Waterfalls & Desert Oasis near El Paso

Lincoln National Forest jewel: Cicala Special Report At The Waterfalls

Chihuahuan Desert Oasis: Cicala Special Report At Waterfalls

LINCOLN NATIONAL FOREST, New Mexico - Moments before ABC-7 Anchor Paul Cicala took a plunge into the refreshing waterfall behind him, around a 90-minute drive from El Paso, he eagerly shouted: "Next time you are that borderland resident who angrily proclaims, 'There's nothing to do around here' ... Well, think again! Be positive, and truly treasure and take pride in the border southwest."

Paul Cicala lugged a video camera through the trails of the Lincoln National Forest to show residents of the El Paso-Las Cruces-Juarez area a desert oasis with a 20-foot waterfall.

The majestic location is tucked in a small canyon in between Alamogordo and Cloudcroft, New Mexico, where the Fresnal creek runs right through.

Don't forget!! There's a lot to do in our borderland.

You just have to open your mind and, well ... "Just Do It!"

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