Only on ABC-7: Cyclist who wrecked says helmet saved his life

Only on ABC-7: Cyclist who wrecked says helmet saved his lif

LAS CRUCES - A Las Cruces man recovering from a cycling accident said wearing a helmet saved his life.

Joe Reynaud is an avid road biker. He was riding along Dripping Springs Road a few weeks ago when he hit a speed bump that sent him flying over his handle bars.

Thankfully, he said, there were no broken bones. But he landed on his head, shattering his helmet. He said he suffered a minor concussion, had road rash on his arms and his knees were cut open requiring a lot of stitches.

"There's definitely no doubt in my mind that I probably would've been killed or resulted in a major traumatic brain injury if I didn't have this on," Reynaud said.

An employee at a local bike shop, Outdoor Adventure, says it doesn't matter the price or style, any helmet can prevent you from getting your skull cracked. When asked what's the biggest misconception about wearing a helmet is, bike expert Scott Powers said, "They're dorky. It's a style thing and they don't want to be seen wearing it but if your life is on the line then you should."

As for Reynaud, he said he's thankful he was wearing a helmet, snd has hopes of hitting the road again soon.

"Just wanting to get back out there, I'm not afraid to go out," he said.

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