EL PASO, Texas -

UTEP's rules for commencement ceremony

Tips for Students the Day of Commencement

1. In order to experience an enjoyable Commencement ceremony, please arrive at the Don Haskins Center no later than 4:15 PM.

Check-in will begin on the east (Mesa St.) side of the Don Haskins Center at 4 PM.

2. Have a green screen photo taken, in full regalia, after you check in.

3. Please leave all personal items (backpacks, cell phones, purses, coats, etc.) at home or in your automobile. These items (along with beach balls, balloons, confetti, noise makers, silly string, etc.) will not be allowed in the Sun Bowl.

4. Though your family and friends are an important part of commencement, child care services will not be provided, and children may not accompany graduates during the commencement ceremony. Please make appropriate plans for the care of your children.

5. Wear regalia and COMFORTABLE SHOES, and out of courtesy for your fellow graduates, please remain for the duration of the ceremony.

6. The student procession will depart from the Don Haskins Center to the Sun Bowl Stadium as early as 6:00 PM.

Please ensure that you have checked in and picked up your reader card before departing the Don Haskins Center.

If you need assistance or are concerned with the procession walking route, contact the Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS).

Tips for Family and Friends

1. The Sun Bowl will open one hour prior to the ceremony. Family and friends should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony. Due to the large crowds, choice parking and seating will be limited. Please be mindful of small children.

2. PLEASE NOTE: Baby strollers, balloons, noise makers, glass containers, tripods, coolers and ice chests, laser pens/pointers, fireworks, and signs and banners that impede visibility of other patrons, are not permitted in the Sun Bowl.

3. Please respect the calling of all graduates’names by refraining from long and disrupting celebrations to ensure that each name is heard clearly by the entire audience.

4. Celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments!

5. Further information will be provided as it becomes available at www.utep.edu/commencement.

6. UTEP concession stands will be open in the Sun Bowl Stadium during the ceremony.

Remember that this event is being shared with other graduates, their families and friends. Being joyful is important, but do not let your celebration ruin anyone else’s experience. Proper decorum for a commencement ceremony will be expected at all times.

Alcoholic beverages and disorderly conduct detract from the dignity of the ceremony and will not be permitted during any of the commencement events. Persons who violate this prohibition may be escorted from the ceremony.

To ensure that the commencement ceremony is conducted efficiently and with respect for the occasion, all instructions by the staff working the ceremony must be followed.

Read UTEP's complete commencement information at http://bit.ly/1jvMvT7

NMSU's commencement rules

  • The use of alcohol or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Improper conduct may result in disciplinary actions. Those who choose to participate must respect the rights of others, including invited guests.
  • Respect your fellow classmates and guests by turning off your cell phone sound.

Read all of NMSU's commencement information at http://bit.ly/RmsxQ7