Number of Undocumented Immigrants Still Unknown

No official number of immigrants in Borderland

Number of Immigrants still Unknown

EL PASO, Texas - The official number of undocumented immigrants here in the Borderland is still unknown.

During the past month there has been a large influx of undocumented immigrants coming to El Paso from Central America. But officials have refused to release information about the exact number temporarily being housed in various Catholic charities throughout the city.

ABC-7 spoke with the border patrol, immigration customs enforcement, but would not comment and instead said said to speak with the director of the Annunciation House, Ruben Garcia.

The Annunciation House has been said to temporarily house undocumented immigrants, but Garcia has not returned our calls in regard to the topic after more than a week.

ABC-7 has also asked federal sources for more information and official numbers but no one is talking and it is still unclear why. We have not received any comments or even a written statement about the topic.

ABC-7 will continue to ask officials for specific numbers until the public information is released.

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