Northeast residents clean up after storms flood apartment complex

EL PASO, Texas - Residents in El Paso's Northeast were up late Wednesday night cleaning up after floods swept through their apartments.

A severe thunderstorm moved through the area of Rushing Road and Sagittarius Avenue around 8:30 p.m.

The flood waters were so strong they pushed a parked car through a rock wall.

We spoke with Carl Geary who was helping his sister clean up the damage. He told us, "It's the second time this summer. It's the complete fault of the city, I guarantee it. They could put drainage out there besides draining through these apartments in needs to be draining into that drainage ditch."

Another resident in the area told his wife and daughter woke him up. "They said that lightning had struck the fence adjacent to our house. One car had been tossed into the street. There was another little car that took off. There was debris all over the road, underneath my truck and my neighbors cars," he told us.

Rain chances for the borderland have diminished significantly since Wednesday. ABC-7 meteorologist Krystal Klei says El Paso should only have about a 10 percent chance of rain for Thursday.

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