No DUI El Paso gets people home safely for new year

No DUI: getting people home safe

EL PASO, Texas - A local non profit is tackling drinking and driving by offering safe rides home.

Tyler Rouse founded No DUI El Paso. The organization started providing party goers free rides home from bars, restaurants and clubs in October 2012.

New Year's night 2014 volunteers helped more than 50 people get home after spending a night on the town.

Volunteers from No DUI El Paso spend weekend nights taking people who have had too much to drink home for free.

"We always want to reduce alcohol related traffic fatalities on the roadways," Rouse said early Wednesday morning.

So far, Rouse's unpaid volunteers have provided more than 3,000 safe rides home.

People who live in Anthony, Sunland Park, El paso and Fort Bliss can call No DUI El Paso's dispatch number. The number, 877-366-7604, as well as much more information can be found on the organization's website.

After dispatch receives the call volunteers then head out to pick up the patrons. They then drive callers home and also make sure their vehicles make it home safely.

If you want one of these free rides ... you better call early. Rouse recommends people call between midnight and 1 a.m.

The program is sponsored by organizations and local government, including El Paso county and city council.

"We always encourage that businesses within the local area become sponsors and help us support our program and also for individuals in the community to step up and help us volunteer," Rouse said.

Those who provide funding not only help lower the amount of alcohol-related arrests. They also help promote No DUI El Paso's goal.

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