NMSU reacts to error that resulted in loss of Space Grant materials

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Some valuable NASA items used for the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium have been destroyed. The parts were stored at New Mexico State University.

ABC-7 has learned NMSU employees with the Department of Facilities and Services were clearing the storage area in Wells Hall for space about to be renovated for classroom usage. Officials say that's when the items went missing.
We're told everything from NASA artifacts to experimental equipment used in the science, technology, engineering and math program were destroyed.

The executive director of the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium is putting together a list of items needed so that the program's work may continue.

"There was thousands, literally over a thousand pieces of flight material, tools, all kinds of things that were lost or discarded," Pat Hynes said.

University officials say the Office of Audit Services is reviewing current procedures so this sort of mistake doesn't happen again. It's estimated the value of the items lost is nearly $40,000. NMSU informed NASA of the mistake, and are waiting to hear a response.

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