NM Gov. Martinez announces 300 new jobs in Santa Teresa

New jobs for New Mexico

EL PASO, Texas - New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez was on hand Thursday to announce 300 new jobs coming to the region.

The company, CN Wire, will bring copper wire manufacturing and sales to Santa Teresa, with operations expected to begin late next month.

Martinez said New Mexico's laser-like focus on bringing in jobs and manufacturing gave it the edge over national and regional competitors for businesses.

"They've all been competing," Martinez said. "All this whole time, they've been competing. That's why whenever we get a company, that comes here and chooses us instead of El Paso, Texas, just like CN Wire, it gives me great privilege to call Gov. Perry and say, 'Company chose us and not you.' And it's all in good fun, but yes, we have to compete with each other."

The company will be manufacturing copper wire for use in things like cars and airplanes, and said it could expand operations in the future.

The jobs are a result of the New Mexico Partnership created in 2003 which is a public-private nonprofit organization.

The partnership is tasked with generating economic growth through attracting businesses to New Mexico.

The partnership worked with the Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance.

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