EL PASO, Texas -


The rumors that Star Wars Episode VII will be filming in New Mexico are gaining steam.

Latino Review, a pop culture news blog, is reporting the next installment of the Star Wars saga will be shot in Las Cruces. However, the article states that only a small portion of the film will be shot in the City of the Crosses. It is also unclear as to where in or around Las Cruces scenes may be shot. That said, the report points out that locations in the Las Cruces area could likely be used as the planet Tatooine or the Sith homeworld of Korriban (a planet familiar to fans which has yet to make an appearance in a Star Wars film).

According to the Huffington Post and various other sites, Latino Review has a good track record of breaking news on J.J. Abrams' projects.  That said, there is no official comment from Disney, Lucasfilm, or J.J. Abrams (who is directing the film and is known for secrecy).

The majority of the film will be shot in the United Kingdom. That much has already been confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm. In a separate article, Latino Review reports that the Millennium Falcon is under construction at Pinewood Studios. There are also substantial rumors being reported on numerous entertainment sites that some scenes may be shot in Los Angeles during post-production. Disney has not confirmed this either.

If true, "Star Wars Episode VII" won't be the first Disney or Lucasfilm project to be filmed in New Mexico. The guardhouse scene in the last "Indiana Jones" film was shot on the Corralitos Ranch near Las Cruces. "The Avengers" was also shot in New Mexico.


One Headlight Ink, New Mexico’s online column commenting on contemporary entertainment and issues, is reporting that Star Wars Episode VII will be be filmed in New Mexico.

There have been no official statements by the New Mexico Film Office, Disney, or Lucasfilm saying the movie will be shot in New Mexico.

Kathleen Kennedy, the new head of Lucasfilm, was quoted in May as saying the movie would start production in the United Kingdom in 2014. The movie, directed by J.J. Abrams,  is set for release in 2015.

Stars of the original trilogy - Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher - are all rumored to be included in the new film.

Transformers, Avengers, and Terminator: Salvation are just some of the productions to film in New Mexico in recent years.