New murals going up in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - Transfiguration and love--these are a couple of themes you may see popping up around the city as artists seek to show their talent.

Local artist Jeremiah Navarro will start work on a mural in Central El Paso called "Transfiguration." Navarro says the piece is supposed to detail how a person's heart can be transformed by God.

"We wanted people to be inspired by the mural to kind of look within themselves," Navarro said.

The project is being created in conjunction with The Gap Collective, a local non-profit group centered on impacting the El Paso community through the love of God.
 "God can renew the heart, make it brand new again, give you a new lease on life, make life exciting again and joyful," Navarro said.

The mural follows his previous one that first made it's debut in late March. The painting is located in downtown and says "For God So Loved," with arrows pointing down to any person who stands in front of it.

Both of his murals can be found on Apple Maps, just type "For God So Loved" or "Transfiguration" in the search bar.

A new work was also created for the Murals in Montecillo project called "Nopales in Love."

The piece features soft tones of blue and green cacti for people to enjoy and take photos in front of. The work was created by Celeste Byers, an artist from San Diego whose work is inspired by her passion for nature.

"I think everyone can relate with this," Byers said referring to the two cacti sharing a kiss in the painting.

She said she is thankful she is able to bring her work to the city. Her art has recently been featured at Neon Desert Music Festival and also in places including Mexico and Vietnam.

Her work is located at 150 W. Castellano behind the Santi clubhouse.

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