New movie promoted in El Paso's skyline

"Despicable Me" blimp flies above Borderland on Saturday

EL PASO, Texas - A blimp flying over El Paso on Saturday got a lot of attention.

Twitter exploded Saturday with chatter of a blimp dubbed "DespicaBlimp."

The blimp is part of a promotional campaign for Universal Studio's sequel to the 2010 movie that is prepping for a new release.

The blimp started garnering attention in the early morning hours after sending out a tweet from the blimp's official Twitter page stating, "We'll be over El Paso, TX in about an hour!"

According to that same Twitter page, the flight began on Saturday morning in Deming, NM.

As the blimp made its way to El Paso, it took several pictures. One was taken high above the Sun Bowl as a sort of welcoming message to the area.

The blimp, which is shaped like a character from the movie called a "minion," can be tracked via a website. The site also allows fans to enter a contest to win a trip to fly to the premiere in DespicaBlimp.

Despicable Me 2 premieres in theaters July 3, 2013. 

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