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Train derailment near Deming under investigation

Train derailment near Deming under...

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - New Mexico State Police confirm a Union Pacific train derailed at 12:30pm Tuesday about 30 miles west of Deming.

The derailment is being investigated by Union Pacific and the National Transportation Safety Board.

NMS is assisting a hazardous materials team on scene as 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. There are no reported injuries no other vehicles were involved, investigator said.

The cause of the derailment is still under investigation. It is about a football field away from I-10 and not affecting traffic.

Union Pacific spokesman Jeff DeGraff says two crew members who suffered minor injuries were taken to a hospital as a precaution.  He says the train had left Los Angeles and was headed to Santa Teresa, New Mexico, with empty cargo containers.

Union Pacific operates nearly 32,000 miles of track across 23 states.

The track where the train derailed is known as the Sunset Route, a 760-mile Union Pacific corridor is between Los Angeles and El Paso.

The last major derailment for Union Pacific was on June 3, 2016 when a 96-car oil train derailed in the Columbia River Gorge near Mosier, Oregon. Some of the oil spilled into the Colombia River.

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