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T or C officer escorts daughter of slain police officer to class on first day of school

EL PASO, Texas - Truth or Consequences Police Officer Anthony Zagorski Aryam "Mika" Chavez to class on her first day of school at Hillrise Elementary School.

Chavez, a first grade student, is the daughter of slain Hatch Police Officer Jose Chavez. Saturday marked the one year anniversary of Chavez's death. The officer was murdered in Hatch when he pulled over a man wanted for murder in the Midwest. The suspects have since been captured and pleaded guilty to numerous state and federal charges.

Monday was the first day for students in Hatch. As a show of support for the fallen officer, Officer Zagorski escorted Aryam to the front foot of the school where she was welcomed by Principal Karin Hite.

"So this little girl will join our 600 other students who attend here at Hillrise. She'll be welcomed.

She will have friends and classmates and have a year like any first grader would - with excitement and good things to learn and do and she will get along fine here and have a great year," said Hite.

Mika was wearing pink shirt and a black bow, with white eyeball, on top of her ponytail. She was holding hands with a relative wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Officer Chavez.

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