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Razor blade cuts Las Cruces boy riding in Walmart shopping cart

2 similar incidents reported in Missouri

Razor blade cuts Las Cruces boy...

LAS CRUCES - A razor blade lodged in a shopping cart at a Las Cruces Walmart recently cut a 6-year-old boy, and now his mother want fellow shoppers to be careful.


“It’s really terrifying as a parent to have your son be involved with, or child be involved with anything that has to do with a razor blade," said Sarah Jane Baker. "Especially when they’re dirty and you don’t know where they’re coming from."

The mother said she was shocked to learn that her son Gunner, was accidentally cut.

"It was disheartening," Baker said. "It’s really disgusting. It’s unfortunate."

Baker said Gunner was sitting in the large part of the cart, and after grabbing the underside of the baby seat, was cut on this thumb.


"I still am very nervous," Baker said. "This incident has required doctors visits that will require further doctors visits - in addition to incident reports with Walmart and the public health department.”

The razor was "lodged in the back part of the seat- razor side out," Baker said in a Facebook post, which has gained a lot of attention in a Las Cruces community Facebook page. 

Nearly 575 people had shared the picture of the boys injury, as of Tuesday morning.

"It became obvious that it was something very concerning to other people besides myself," Baker said. "For that, I’m really happy for our community to involve each other and to make everybody aware.”

However, Baker is not the only parent who was affected by this issue. 

In just one week, two razor blades were discovered at the same Walmart store in Festus, Mo.

A spokesman for Walmart said the company is taking the event very seriously. 

"It is ridiculous that someone would do something like this," said Charles Crowson, who works with Walmart Media Relations, in a statement. "What’s worse in the matter is that a child was harmed by such a disturbing act. We take this situation seriously and have checked all of our shopping carts and are continuing to maintain regular checks. Additionally, we’re reviewing surveillance footage in an effort to identify who did this so we can alert police.”

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