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Protestors stage 'mock town hall' meeting outside Congressman Pearce's office

Mock Town Hall Protest in Las Cruces

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Frustrated constituents gathered outside the office of U.S. Representative Steve Pearce, (R) New Mexico, Friday morning.

Protestors say the congressman has failed to communicate face to face with his constituents during Congress's recess week of Feb.18-25.

Citizens from Truth or Consequences staged a fake town hall, which included a stand-in wearing a Pearce mask.

Protesters said they are concerned about the deportation of undocumented immigrations, the repeal of Obamacare, and the congressman's stance on de-funding planned parenthood.

"I am here today because this is congressional recess week and yet our congressman is not having any public appearances or town halls," said protester Diana Tittle.

Las Cruces's 'Indivisible Chapter' has teamed up with its chapter from T or C in organizing the satirical event to protest Pearce's lack of accessibility during a time set aside representatives to return home to listen to their constituents' concerns.

The rally and fake town hall were held on the 500 block of N. Telshor Blvd.

"If he wasn't on official business, he would be back in the district and seeing what constituents suggest," Kelsey Christensen, Pearce's press secretary, "He never promised during this recess he would host a town hall."

Christensen said Pearce, the chairman of a new sub-committee on terrorism and elicit finance, was traveling on official business.

"If Steve Pearce were here - wherever he is - I would be asking him to please pay more attention and care more about New Mexicans," said Steve Sans.

There are 14 Indivisible Chapters that have in District 2 since the Nov. 7, 2016, election.

According to Indivisible, the group is dedicated to peaceful, nonviolent, nonpartisan communication aimed at holding Rep. Pearce accountable for his policies, votes and actions.

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