New Mexico

Pastor: Church sign on social media is fake, may those responsible 'find faith in Jesus'

Fake Las Cruces Church Sign

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - A Las Cruces pastor said his church has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after someone used a generator site to alter the message on his sign.

Pastor Max Perkins said his church, Temple Baptist, has received a number of angry phone calls. Perkins said people have been using an online webpage to simulate rude or eye-catching messages, including one involving a controversial political figure.

"We try to take a spiritual position with people to find the lord and Jesus Christ," Perkins said, "We don't take a political position."

The sign at his church currently states "Being thankful is not in a day, but a lifestyle. Pretty harmless right?"

The doctored message circulating on social media, states, "Please vote for Roy Moore. He is a man of god."

"We've not advocated anything about Roy Moore or any political vote that should be made, or anything that's personal like that between you and the lord and your political position," Perkins said. 

The pastor told ABC-7 it's common sense: why would his church would encourage New Mexicans to vote in another state's election?

"We have no power to vote for anybody in Alabama or other states. We vote in New Mexico and that's about it," the pastor said. 

The church has been hit by sign vandals before, which is why it installed a lock on its sign, preventing people from physically altering its message. When it comes to internet vandals, Perkins said "technology is beyond my ability."

The pastor has a message for those who use technology to create images of bogus signs. "I can honestly say I'd like to know that person finds faith in Jesus Christ someday," he said.