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Owner of Sparky's says his employee was the last person to see El Paso pastors alive

Owner of Sparkys says his employee...

HATCH, New Mexico - The four El Pasoans killed in a plane crash Sunday near Hatch, New Mexico flew out to Hatch in a private plane to dine at Sparky's.

Anthony Deramus, Christopher Howell, Kanequa Chancellor and Malcolm Watkins were killed after the aircraft went down northwest of the Hatch airport. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. 

Teako Nunn, the owner of Sparky's, told ABC-7 one of his employees was the last person to see the group alive. Nunn said Chancellor mentioned "she had friends waiting for her in El Paso because it was her birthday."

"Nobody in their wildest dreams thought they had crashed," said Nunn, "We all thought, that since it was her birthday, that maybe, they just went to Vegas or something."​

"You know, its just - it just hit us all really hard. Nobody - you can't even comprehend what kind of news this is," Nunn added.

Debris from the plane crash is still scattered across the desert.

The restaurant owner told ABC-7's New Mexico Mobile Newsroom GPS data indicated the group was "still at the Hatch Airport. But they weren't at the Hatch Airport. It was just - they weren't too far from it," said Nunn. 

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