New Mexico

More 'hotshots' arrive in Mescalero to battle wildfire

Soldier Fire Update

MESCALERO, New Mexico - Fire crews battling the "Soldier Fire" in Mescalero, New Mexico tell ABC-7 the fire is only 28 percent contained, but no longer spreading.

ABC-7 has learned "hotshots" - firefighters who battle wildfires - are arriving in Mescalero every night to determine their assignment for the next day.

“The Southwest, and this area included, is extremely dry right now," said Gerry Perry with the U.S. Forest Service, "The probability of ignition if there’s a spark that hits any sort of flammable material is very close to one hundred percent."

Perry said the size of the wildfire - caused by a person - is currently at 1,300 acres with "unburned islands within the fire perimeter."

Norma Pizarro, who has lived in the area for more than a decade, told ABC-7 she is grateful for the men and women keeping her safe. 

"I am so happy for the brave guys out here, the firefighters, the hotshots, everybody that’s out there watching over us overnight, because overnight, we really don’t know what happens," Pizarro said.

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