New Mexico

LCPS passes resolution supporting immigrant students, adopts policy declaring schools 'safe haven'

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - The Las Cruces Public Schools Board unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday night stating its support for the immigrant community.

The school district wants immigrant families to feel safe and reassured them schools will be a safe haven where students can learn without the fear of being detained by immigration authorities.

"Approving the Resolution and Policy sends a clear signal to the families in our community that schools are 'safe locations'  where children don't have to worry about immigration actions," LCPS Spokesperson Jo Galvan said, "A child's right to an education is sacred, regardless of their immigration status."

The school board also unanimously approved a district policy stating all district schools are not allowed to ask for, collect or store data about a student's immigration status.

The Office of the Superintendent was also ordered to reject any request from immigration authorities for access to school grounds unless the agents present a judicial warrant.

Galvan told ABC-7 if immigration authorities do have a warrant to enter school grounds, then the district will follow its policies and procedures. Among them, notifying parents agents want to speak with their child and finding a secure place where agents can speak with child.

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