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Las Cruces students walk out in gun violence protest

Las Cruces students walk out in gun violence protest

LAS CRUCES, NM - One month after the Stoneman-Douglas shooting in Florida students all over the country walked out of class in protest calling for action to prevent school shootings.

Hundreds of students at Las Cruces High School walked out their doors to an internal courtyard at 10 am, many saying they no longer feel safe in their own classrooms after the Stoneman-Douglas shooting and they want something done.

“This march is Never Again, it’s time to stop these school shootings once and for all because we’ve had enough. This really needs to end,” said Eva Barber, one of the walkout organizers.

Las Cruces High School students joined thousands across the nation as they walked out of class Wednesday, in commemoration of the 17 lives lost at the fatal Parkland Florida shooting one month ago. Las Cruces Public Schools supported the move by students, urging teachers to use this as a teaching moment.

“The students are our priority in the district and they need to know that administration and the school board support them,” said Terrie Dallman, an LCPS school board member at the walkout.

Once outside students stood in silence for 17 minutes, most holding home-made signs calling for students to be protected. One sign reading the names of past school shootings: Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Stoneman-Douglas.

Even those students carrying pro-second amendment signs said they’re not against their peers.

“We’re really working toward the same thing. We don’t want more school shootings, but we also don’t want them to take our second amendment,” explained Sean Romero, an LCHS freshman.

Students say their action here will go beyond protests, they plan to take their concerns to the ballot box in November.

“If someone can see what’s happening in the world now and still not feel like there’s need for action in the future, that’s very naive.” said Angelica Avalos, an LCHS student.

“We need to get some new laws in here, we need to actually protect our students, show what our country and be like, come unified together, and start protecting each other,” said Yliana Kolosseus, a LCHS student.

Las Cruces Public Schools said the walkout will be used as a teaching moment and students who took part will not be disciplined, unless they did not return to class after the protest.

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