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Las Cruces bank allegedly drills open safety deposit boxes without permission

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LAS CRUCES - In June Jerry White received a notice from the Bank of the West stating that he needed to pick up the contents of his safe deposit box by Aug, 12, 2016 because they were moving the safe deposit box vault to a new location within the building.

White says he also received a call from the bank, located on 201 N. Church Street in Las Cruces,  which told him a similar story.

On Aug. 8, White said he went to retrieve the contents of the box but discovered that it had already been drilled open on July 27. He said the contents had been removed and bagged.

White claims several items were missing and that the bank would not let him photograph his opened box.

A police report has been filed with LCPD regarding the incident.

White has a receipt proving that the box had been paid for and claims that it should have never been drilled.

White also says that he has been told several different stories since the incident and that the bank is not responsive to his questions.

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