New Mexico

Gov. Martinez sounds off on efforts to oppose Trump's border wall in New Mexico

NEW MEXICO - New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez takes a dim view of the effort in the New Mexico Legislature to oppose construction of President Trump's border wall in New Mexico.


The bill is sponsored by state Rep. Bill McCamley, a Las Cruces Democrat.

Martinez today cast the issue in terms of national security, while seemingly referring to the bill's sponsors as "low-level legislators."

"I will not be an impediment, and I will not be part of the distraction with these low-level legislators in this state. The federal government, that is their mission, to making sure that America is safe," said Martinez.

McCamley, not amused by that line, responded by saying, "I'm sorry the governor feels she has to act like the president in insulting those of us who are trying to do their jobs and represent what the vast majority of New Mexicans believe in."

Right now, McCamley's bill is not on the agenda for the current state legislative session and won't be,unless the governor changes her mind.


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