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Eric Rodriguez sworn in as Dona Ana County Treasurer

EL PASO, Texas - County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to appoint Eric Rodriguez as county treasurer after former treasurer David Gutierrez was removed from office last week.

A jury found Gutierrez guilty of gross immorality after he allegedly offered an employee $1,000 dollars for sex.

Rodriguez was sworn in by Third Judicial District Chief Judge Fernando R. Macias, immediately after the vote. He signed an oath of office subsequently recorded at the Doña Ana County Clerk's Office.

Rodriguez, who won the November 8th election, said since Gutierrez's removal, communication has improved in the office.

"One of the things I continue getting from them is thank you. Thank you for what you're doing now. Because our previous Treasurer, previous chief deputy didn't have that type of communication that I have with them now. So I can't tell what it was like before or what their personal perspective is on the matter but what I can tell you is how they are doing now and how they will be doing in the future," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he has two people in mind to appoint for chief deputy. When asked if he would consider appointing Gutierrez, Rodriguez said, "There was never an agreement. I know this all came about because of the lawsuit he faced with his previous chief deputy. And so there was never an agreement between myself and David Gutierrez as to hire him."

Other local elected officials will be sworn in during a Dec. 29 ceremony at the Doña Ana County Government Center with Macias administering the oaths of office for the terms that begin Jan. 1, 2017.

Rodriguez will also be a part of that ceremony as he is sworn in for his own term in office.

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