New Mexico

Human remains found inside Mesilla Park home

Remains found in Mesa Park

MESILLA PARK, New Mexico - At least three sets of human remains were found inside a Mesilla Park home on Wednesday, officials with the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office said.

Detectives were called to the 1000 block of Conway on Tuesday when a man, Conrad Robbins, was cleaning out the house and found a box containing what appeared to be human remains. "A lower jaw that was complete, no teeth missing," Robbins said of his discovery. "Then there was a partial jaw and then a collar bone and some little smaller stuff."

Officials said detectives suspect the bones, which appear to be very old, had been dug up from an unknown location.

The home belonged to Gaylord Bird, who died in January, officials said. Bird reportedly left the home to a neighbor, who had started clearing out the house.

"It's not really a hoarder house," Robbins said, "but it's not far from it."

The Sheriff's Office said the office of the medical examiner has taken possession of the remains and will begin the task of identifying them.

The medical examiner's office will work with investigators to determine if criminal activity was a factor.

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