New Mexico

Doña Ana County deputy attempts to break world record for most hugs

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - A Doña Ana County Sheriff is attempting to break the world record for most hugs given in one minute at a New Mexico State men’s basketball game.

Deputy Jamar Cotton will make the attempt at halftime of the Aggies game against UMKC Saturday February, 24. Tip-off is at 7 p.m.

"In everything I do, I make sure to stay positive and set the example that attitude is altitude," said Cotton. "It's impossible for us to know the battles other people might be struggling with, so why not be that light that shows them a little love and support?"

Two Guinness World Record timekeepers and videographers will be present to officiate Cotton’s attempt. Guinness will review footage to determine if the attempt qualifies for the world record.

The current world record is 86 hugs, set by actor Jason Ritter last October during live filming of ABC’s The View. Cotton’s goal is to hug more than 100 people.

Cotton said the challenge is to show the community that a single act of kindness, like a hug, can go a long way.

Cotton is known for attempting similar challenges around the community. Since joining the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office in 2011, he’s done pushups to help raise homelessness among veterans with a pull-up challenge and helped a local boy get a temporary business license to host a lemonade stand to help raise for money for the boy’s grandfather chemotherapy.

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