New Mexico

Court gives Congressman Steve Pearce access to campaign cash

SANTA FE, N.M. -  A federal court is allowing Republican U.S. Rep. Steve to access nearly $1 million in campaign funds that he collected while in Congress to use in his run for governor of New Mexico.
A U.S. district court judge on Tuesday blocked enforcement of limitations on campaign transfers from Pearce's federal campaign account to a state one. The preliminary injunction gives Pearce access to the stockpile of campaign cash while underlying issues are litigated.
The Secretary of State's Office has said that only $11,000 can be transferred by Pearce, based on a New Mexico law that limits campaign contributions to $5,500 in a primary election and again in the general election.
Pearce spokesman Greg Blair says the ruling affirms arguments that the transfer of funds complies with existing New Mexico law.