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Construction delay a headache for Las Cruces neighborhood

LC residents fed up with delayed road...

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Residents who live in a south central Las Cruces neighborhood say they're fed up over road construction that is three months over due.

A letter from the city states construction on Bex Street and Farney Lane off South Main was supposed to be completed December 16. The project started August 22.

But on Tuesday, ABC-7 found the road still wasn't paved. Residents estimate hundreds of people are affected. They say all the built up dust is getting into their homes, and blocked off portions often make them late for work.

The letter from the city says the construction is part of the 2015 legislative street rehabilitation project. It goes on to state: "we understand these activities may be an inconvenience and we apologize in advance. Rest assured we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of our activities on your neighborhood."

Robert Daniels lives on Bex Street. He says the dirt road is a big inconvenience.

"We just want our road back," Daniels said. "There are times where I try to take my daughter to school and the roads are blocked off and we can't get out of our driveway or we have to take long detours and it makes her late to class."

Daniels says he wants to know why there is a delay, and when he will finally see the road completed.

"Even though we're renters we're still tax-payers and this money is coming out of tax-payers pockets somehow. We're paying for this so we want to see it completed," he said.

Other neighbors, like Jonathon Hopson, agree. "Whenever it rains, it turns to mud and everybody wants to come out here and play in the mud," Hopson said. "That's my biggest frustration with having the kids and animals. Somebody's going to get hit and possibly killed."

"We have had delays and I can definitely understand their frustrations thinking they may be forgotten, but by no means do we take any project anywhere within the city and take the attitude of 'this is here in this area and we're not going to pay attention to them,'" said David Sedillo, the contracts administrator with the City of Las Cruces.


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