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Sheriff: Attorney General Sessions scheduled to visit Las Cruces Wednesday

Sessions scheduled to visit Las Cruces

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to visit Las Cruces on Wednesday, ABC-7 has confirmed.

The Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office expects Sessions to speak at the spring conference for the Southwest Border Sheriff's Coalition.

"It looks very promising," said Sheriff Enrique "Kiki" Vigil by phone. "We've been in touch with their office and we're working out the logistics of it."

The conference will kick off Monday, according to the office, but Sessions is scheduled to speak on Wednesday, the final day of the conference. Multiple border sheriffs will also speak, Vigil confirmed.

"Initially it was going to be one of his deputies, deputy attorneys coming out here," Vigil said. "As of (Friday) night, I did receive the call that Attorney General Sessions was going to fly into Las Cruces to start working on a security detail."

The coalition is composed of 31 sheriff's departments from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California whose counties are located within 25 of the U.S. Mexico border, according to the office.

"We all share ideas," Vigil said. "We don't all agree."

The sheriff hasn't always supported the administration's border security strategies.

"Nowadays, there's technology out there that we can use to secure our borders out there," Vigil said. "We can go forward on that instead of building a wall."

The conference will be held at the Ramada Las Cruces Hotel and Conference Center.

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