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Aggies head to California to face off against Clemson

Aggies head to California to face off against Clemson

In just two days the NMSU Aggie basketball team will be representing Las Cruces at the NCAA tournament in San Diego. They flew out of Las Cruces Wednesday afternoon and are scheduled to play against Clemson Friday evening.


“We know we ready man, we know we were gonna get to this point,”


“We worked really hard to get where we’re at. Hard work pays off, and hopefully we make it happen,”


The Aggies spent their last couple hours in New Mexico practicing before heading to the NCAA tournament, running into a crowd of cheering fans after stepping out of the PanAm Center. The band played as players met with fans, everyone wishing them luck and giving advice. Players and coaches said they’re hopeful for a significant win against Clemson as long as they play to their strengths Friday night.


Even with Clemson ranked higher than NMSU, coaches say there’s still a chance to make it past the first round.


“I think we rebound the ball pretty well. They’re bigger than us, but we’re usually smaller than the bigger teams that we play in those games and we’ve done a pretty good job on the backboard, I think we’ve got some speed, and we can give them some issues,” said Chris Jans, head coach for men’s basketball.


If you would like to take a look at what the Aggies are going to be doing off the court, they actually have a pair of Snapchat spectacles, so you can always follow them on social media or at least on Snapchat. They’re @NMStateAggies.


ABC-7’s Trevor Thompson and Wil Herren are on their way to San Diego to bring you complete coverage of the Aggies, they can be followed @TevThompson7 [] and @WilherrenKVIA[]

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