New Mexico lottery scholarship survives with a catch

NM Lottery

NEW MEXICO - The higher education department announced there is enough money in the lottery scholarship program. To cover the average cost of tuition for New Mexico students.

For many New Mexico students the decision means one less financial burden on their backs. The department made the announcement Thursday, and applies to all eligible students:

Before the lottery, scholarships covered 100 percent of tuition costs. That has changed. Due to the lack of money in the program. Students will now be awarded the average tuition based on what type of school they attend.

The department estimated tuition costs for research universities, four-year colleges and two-year community colleges. That calculated amount is the full award for for the fall semester.
According to the department about 14, 800 students are expected to receive scholarships this fall. And close to 18,000 next spring.

Students at nmsu, unm and New Mexico Tech must take 15 credit hours in order to qualify for lottery scholarship, before, the requirement was 12 credit hours.  

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