New message on the mountain bothers some, not others

New message pops up on Juarez mountains

EL PASO, Texas - Have you seen it?

A new massive message has popped up on the mountains in Juarez. It reads "50th anniversary Apostol S. J. F."

What's it mean and who's responsible for it? ABC-7 spoke with people on both sides of the border Monday. It's visible from all over El Paso, including Interstate 10, several miles away.

"I did notice that," said Travis Potts, who saw it while walking past the new Downtown Ballpark. "I'm staying here at the Doubletree, so I get a pretty good view of Juarez and the mountain."

Most El Pasoans are used to seeing a message on the mountain. The one reading "La Biblia es la Verdad. Leela," or "The Bible is the Truth, Read It," has been there for decades. But a new one, reading "50th Anniversary Apostol S. J. F." just started showing up last month.

"I saw it, but I didn't really pay attention until you pointed it out," said El Pasoan Christian Mingura. "The first one had a good message. It could be a life changing message. But just like that, '50th Anniversary Apostol,' I don't think they should have done it."

According to a Juarez newspaper, the message is the work of a group called La Luz del Mundo, or the Light of the World Church. About 250 members of the congregation have spent the past three weeks creating it.

It's meant to honor the 50th anniversary of this man, Samuel Joaquin Flores, with the Light of the World Church, based in Guadalajara.

This is YouTube video of Flores preaching near Mexico City.

"I've been working here six years and I just noticed what's up there," said Juarez native Nancy Ramirez. "They should leave it alone. Why are they writing up there?"

Others were OK with it.

"I don't really care," said Juarez resident Aaron Cortez. "It doesn't bother me."

Another man said he thinks it's a good way to send a message.

"It's a call to bring awareness," said Juarez native Miguel Garcia.

Back in El Paso, many shared their opinion.

"I think the country of Mexico should be able to do what it wants with its mountains," said El Pasoan Jonathan Weaver. "If you can put things like Mount Rushmore as an emblem of American spirit, you can put a message on the mountain that gives people a positive thing to look out for."

"I love it, you know, I love it," Potts said. "If you want to put a message on the mountain to support who you believe in, I'm all for it."

The letters that make up this new message are about 100 feet wide and 150 feet tall. It's taken about five tons of paint, combined with lime and salt to paint the message. The hike up the mountain and back is about five miles total.

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