New locations of city departments announced

Services to move to the El Paso Times, Luther buildings

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Department of Economic Development released a list of where departments are ultimately expected to be placed ahead of the scheduled March demolition of City Hall.

The city is moving forward on tearing down City Hall to make way for the Triple A baseball stadium that will ultimately go up in its place.

The departments of City Development, Engineering and Construction Management, Community and Human Development, Parks and Recreation, Department of Transportation and the One-Stop Shop will be housed in the buildings the city purchased on Texas Avenue.

In the Luther Building, at the intersection of Mills Ave. and Campbell St., will be the departments of Information Technology and General Services, as well as the Document Center, Records, Wellness Center and Security.

The Mayor and Council and Council Chambers, along with the city manager and deputies, Public Affairs, Human Resources, the municipal clerk, Internal Audit, City Attorney, Financial Services, Office of Management and Budget and Pension will be in the El Paso Times building.

The city is also planning to create a public safety center in the Times building. It will be a combination of El Paso Fire Department administration, Building Services and the El Paso Police Department. It could house either Central Command or future police headquarters, or both.

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