New goal for UTEP soccer club

EL PASO, Texas - Soccer, or "futból", is certainly making its presence felt at the University of Texas at El Paso.

The Men's Soccer Club is working to make a name for itself.

In the past year the club has made a comeback to UTEP, but with a different goal in mind.

Club President, Alex Chacon said the team is working to get picked up by the university as a Division I athletic team.

"Right now we're starting everything new, basically we're going back 30 years ago. We're starting to give it that same momentum," said Chacon.

The 1988-89 club team won a National Championship.

Right now the club is only recognized as a recreational sport, but Chacon said the Borderland has the talent to compete in the NCAA.

Chacon said it's Title IX that is keeping the club from moving up to a collegiate team.

Title IX states that any school that receives federal funds cannot discriminate in any area based on gender.

In college athletics, the participation should mirror the population of the student body.

"Every time you have a men's sport you have to add a womens' sport or two," said Bob Stull, director of the UTEP Athletics Department.

Universities across the nation are slashing men's sports because of Title IX.

"We could fill up the stadium with a good team," said Chacon.

For now, the club will have to hold on to the Division I soccer dreams.

The UTEP Men's Soccer Club begins their season September 1.

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