New flea market owners ease neighborhood concerns

Vista Del Sol Flea Market opening later this year

EL PASO, Texas - Construction crews are smoothing the earth at the northeast intersection of Loop 375 and Vista Del Sol Drive in far east El Paso to make way for a new business.

Fernie Carreno, who lives near that intersection, told ABC-7 he wasn't happy when he heard the new business was a flea market. "We don't know what kind of flea market it's going to be," Carreno said. "How it's going to be kept. (Are) the owners are going to keep up with the property and keep it nice and clean."

Carreno said he's also concerned with the likely boost in traffic. "I can just see it getting congested and backing up and people getting into fender-benders or whatnot," he said.

ABC-7 took those concerns to the owners of the Vista Del Sol Flea Market.

"We understand that people understand what a flea market is, and the owners are committed to making this a great market, a great business complex," said Loretta Akers, the spokeswoman for the flea market owners. Akers said strict rules are in place regarding booth cleanliness and items that cannot be sold.

Akers said there will also be plenty of entrances and exits, as well as 226 parking spaces. The market will have 164 booths for merchandise and food, and even a playground and park for the kids.

"We see this flea market as an economic boost to the far east El Paso region," Akers said, adding that neighbors will receive a discounted rate to rent a booth for the weekend, whether it be to sell goods or to hold a 'garage' sale.

The Vista Del Sol Flea market is expected to open in November of this year.

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