New details on a 1977 cold case possibly solved by Sheriffs

New details on a 1977 cold case possibly solved by Sheriffs

El Paso, Texas - The 1977 murder of Major Chester Garrett went unsolved for more than 35 years. His body was found in a far East El Paso desert with a fractured skull and 10 stab wounds.

Friday night, two arrests were made. Gareett's wife, Lisbeth Ann Garrett, and his stepson, Roger Evan Garrett, were charged in the murder of the officer. ABC-7 reported from the scene of Lisbeth Garrett's home, where sheriff's deputies made an impressive entrance in contamination suits and respirators.

Not much was known about Roger Garret's arrest in Knoxville, Tenn., but now ABC-7 is learning more.

Knoxville investigators were successful in assisting the El Paso County Sheriff's office. "We received a call several days ago from some investigators at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. They had informed us that they had a cold case that was a homicide that went back to 1977," said a Knoxville investigator.

The report goes on to state two El Paso detectives flew to Knoxville Thursday. The detectives had gotten information Roger Garrett was living at the Willows apartments in West Knoxville. Investigators report Roger Garrett had recently moved into the apartments.

"We actually went to his apartment. He wasn't there; we were able to make contact with him on his phone, obviously he didn't know it had anything to do with the homicide, he thought we were calling about another issue and he made the suggestion for him to come by. When he did, we placed him into custody," said a Knoxville investigator.

Investigators say Roger had only been in Knoxville for three to four months and they felt he was on the move.

"We're extremely happy for the arrest, but that extends mostly towards the family," said El Paso Sheriff's Office investigator Sgt. Jim Belknap. 



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