New details found on man killed in his Central El Paso home

EL PASO, Texas - ABC-7 learned new information about the 22-year-old man killed at his home in Central El Paso.

Neighbors ABC-7 spoke with said the man police found dead was Jose Castanon, friends called him T-Rex.

"Very, very quiet neighborhood, nothing ever seems to happen here, traffic is always very very calm, very quiet all around," said next door neighbor Paul Martinez.

But that all changed Wednesday evening when Martinez arrived to find police swarming the area.

An investigation by the crimes against persons unit determined 21-year-old Sonia Bautista, 21-year-old Ricardo Macias and 18-year-old Brianna Garay were involved in Castanon's death.

Investigators say it was a ecstasy drug deal gone wrong.

Neighbors said Castanon was a helpful, cordial young man. They say he helped nearby residents take out the trash and even clean their yards.

"Nothing weird, the occasional car stopping by in the middle of the night but the atmosphere wasn't ever anything that was out of the ordinary to raise suspicion," said Martinez.

Other residents in the area said they did hear a loud moan late in the evening, but they say there wasn't any obvious signs of foul play.

Neighbors claim a few years ago, they witnessed law enforcment going through Castanon's home, but they didn't know why.

ABC-7 looked up Facebook profiles for Macias and Bautista and nothing came up. Garay's profile was found before the account was closed. ABC-7 found pictures of Garay shown as a  typical teen.

Meanwhile neighbors are shocked.

"It's pretty big eye opener because you never know what going to happen," said Martinez.

ABC-7 looked up Castanon's record and it shows he's been arrested for delivery and possesion of marijuana.

Neighbors told ABC-7 despite the situation, they still feel terrible for Castanon and say he didn't deserve to die.

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