Naked mountain man harrassing hikers

A hiking came to ABC-7 early Sunday after they say their hiking trip was spoiled.

On their hike, they say they came upon a mysterious cave and inside the cave, they found furniture and other personal artifacts.

Signs that someone was living inside and they'd been there for a while.
That's when they say, out of no where, a naked man jumped out of the cave chasing the hikers down the mountain, and giving them quite the scare.

When we first heard the story from the hiker, it sounded more like an urban legend, than anything else.

So ABC-7 went to Mckelligon canyon, to check it out.

As it turns out, there's an apartment complex at the foot of the mountain.

Neighbors we spoke with there, say they're living in fear.

 "There's a nude man inhabiting the ruins that are up in these mountains," said hiker, Chris Redfearn.

The group stumbled upon what appeared to be a cave-dwelling but once they started getting too close.

Redfearn says a naked man jumped out of the cave and chased the men down the mountain.

"No clothes,no, butt naked, he was naked," said Redfearn.

Neighbors living at an apartment near the base of the mountain confirm the unusual story but also say they've been living in fear.

"Normally he's like wandering around, we never know what time he's going to show," said a resident, who did not want to be identified.

They sometimes spot him early in the morning, bathing in their laundry room even working out on their jungle gym.

"I don't feel safe," said the resident.

Neighbors suspect the mysterious man has even been swiping their clothes.

as we moved up the mountain in search of this man, a bizarre find, dead snakes in a liquid.

And as we got closer, "hey I see you man!" said Redfearn.

The man living in the cave had been watching us for a while from inside the cave.

"Will you talk to us for a bit?" asked ABC-7's Gerardo Najera,"people are also worried about you being out here naked, you know people come up here hiking with there kids and you pop out naked sometimes."

"If that's true where's the pictures," said the man in the cave.

The cell phone video from Redfearn didn't catch the nudity but what may be more shocking than long he's lived here.

 "I've been up here three years,"said the man in the cave.

Najera asked,"Three years? and why are you up here?"

"Surviving," said the man in the cave, "come back when it snows, and when there's ice where you're standing."

The man says he's not hurting anyone, living off of donations and recycling cans.

Gerardo Najera asked, "what do you want them to know about you?"

"They need to worry about their own selves, to repent and help the community more."

 It wasn't until we started back down the mountain, that he finally came into the sunlight.

"And have a good day," said the man in the cave.

That man in the mountains never gave us his name, he told ABC-7, it wasn't necessary.

The man in the cave was very caught up on current events.

He spoke about the ball park and the demolition of City Hall.

There is just so much to this story that we couldn't include.

so we will be posting the interview in it's entirerity on our website at

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