Motorcycle wreck sends man to Lubbock Burn Center

EL PASO, Texas - A man involved in a motorcycle wreck Tuesday night has been flown to the Lubbock Burn Center with life threatening injuries.

The incident happened around 10:30 p.m. near the intersection of Montana and Oasis, between Lee Trevino and George Dieter. According to police, the motorcyclist hit a car and was thrown off his bike. Police say that despite wearing a helmet, the motorcyclist was speeding and the severity of the impact caused the bike and rider to go up in flames.

We spoke with a witness who stopped to help the injured motorcyclist, and used her sweater to help put out the fire on the injured man. As for the car involved, police say the two people riding in it were injured, but are expected to be okay. There is no word on who was at fault.

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