EL PASO, Texas -

A mother is in pain suffering from the loss of her 9-year-old daughter.

Laura Martinez, a mother of five, was returning to El Paso from a trip with her two daughters.

She lost control and rolled her car near Ruidoso late July.

Only one daughter survived.

"It was just a day of being able to be together, just the girls," said Martinez.

Martinez told ABC-7 she and her two daughters had taken a trip to Kansas to take care of some business but they took an extra day to enjoy some time with each other.

"We stayed at a nice hotel," said Martinez   

"We had pillow fights, we went out to eat," said Terry Martinez, Laura's oldest daughter.

But on their way back it turned into a road trip that would change their lives forever.

Martinez lost control of her van.

"I just remember we started turning and I don't remember anything anymore," said Martinez.

Terry remembers the van rolling violently.

"When it stopped flipping I turned around to see if everyone was OK and Adia wasn't in the back seat," said Terry.

Adia Martinez, 9, wasn't wearing her seat belt.

She was thrown out of the van.

Martinez was unconsious and Terry tried to wake her.

"I kept telling her mom Adia's gone, Adia's gone," said Terry.

Passersby stopped to help Martinez get to her daughter.

"She was hurt, she was cut, but she was very peaceful so I kept trying to get her to wake," said Martinez.

Martinez suffered a concussion, a fractured back, a dislocated elbow and a broken wrist.

She still couldn't comprehend the gravity of what was happening.

"I kept arguing with the lady to tell my daughter I was here and she kept telling me it was too late and I was trying to explain to her, "they said she still had a heartbeat," Martinez told the first responder.

Adia didn't make it to the hospital alive.

"Adia was a happy little girl," said Martinez.

"She was awesome I'm happy for the time we had. I wish we had more," said Terry.