Morrissey stops El Paso show because of how security was treating fans, says tour manager

EL PASO, Texas - Morrissey's long awaited return to El Paso was cut short during the encore when he stopped the show and walked off with his band.

During "Someday Goodbye Will Be Forever," the second song of the encore, fans one-by-one climbed the stage and hugged or attempted to hug Morrissey.

About halfway through the song, Morrissey stopped his band, dropped the microphone and walked off, followed by his band.

A Harvest Records publicist told ABC-7 Wednesday afternoon that the El Paso show was stopped because "security was being too rough with his fans, and he got upset about it. Since it was the ... encore, he just stopped playing so they wouldn't get hurt."

The publicist received the explanation from Morrissey's tour manager.

The publicist added that "fans coming on stage is a longstanding Morrissey tradition - he loves them!"

Aside from the El Paso concert, May 13 was a big day for Morrissey fans for other reasons.

"World Peace is None of Your Business" was released as a single and fans could begin pre-ordering the album of the same name at The album, his first since 2009, will be released on Harvest Records on July 15.

Morrissey also joined the world of Twitter on Wednesday, tweeting "Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope..." and "Follow, follow, follow. Twitter is the perfect metaphor for...something. Dunno what."

Follow him at @itsmorrissey

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