More than 200 soldiers return to Fort Bliss

Troops arrived Thursday night to families, loved ones

EL PASO, Texas - The Fort Bliss community welcomed home more than 200 hundred soldiers Thursday night on post.

Members of the 4th Battalion 501st Aviation Regiment, 1AD Combat Aviation Brigade were deployed in Kuwait for nine months.

Their mission in Kuwait was to provide security and help with medical evacuations.

As soldiers arrived, families waited with 'welcome home' signs, many with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

Children and spouses met their soldiers with huge hugs.

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Barnwell said it is good to finally be home with his family.

He didn't have trouble spotting his family among the crowds.

"My wife just had surgery, as we were coming off the airplane, the big crowd and the family was there. I knew my wife was there because I saw her leg sticking out in a big cast," said Lt. Col. Barnwell.

This was the last group of soldiers from the 4th Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment to return from overseas.





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