More than 15,000 fans attend soccer match at Sun Bowl Stadium

15,000 fans flood UTEP's Sun Bowl for MLS game

15,171 tickets. That's how many were sold for the Chivas versus Cruzeiro match at Sun Bowl Stadium on Sunday.

The entire stadium with more than 52,000 seats was available for the game. Tickets were sold section by section, with the largest side of the stands empty for the game.

Most fans ABC-7 spoke with said the turnout shows that El Paso is ready for a Major League Soccer team. Triple-A Baseball Chihuahuas owner MountainStar Sports Group has expressed interest in bringing a team to the Sun City.

"I believe we are going to win ... but just in case," one fan said as she pulled up her jersey supporting the Brazilian team for one underneath that supported the Mexican one.

Cruzeiro won the match 2-0. It lasted nearly two hours.

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